The SAMR Model – Transforming Physical Education and Coaching


For the past five years, I have been captivated with searching through many of the different technology options of how to enhancing my coaching and teaching. My end goal is essentially the same, how can I better instruct so that students and athletes can learn more easily and go farther in what they are learning. Only recently have I come across a system to analyze what impact each piece of technology is doing for the learner. SAMR does just that. It is the framework that allows me to see if a new method is merely enhancing my instruction or actually transforming it. SAMR also give me the proper means to discuss what I am doing. I am no longer saying, "this is a really cool app because…" rather I say, "this app transforms the learning process by allowing the student to (fill in the blank) which was impossible before." I can also say, "this feature is a helpful way to store digital copies rather then paper ones." Either way, I have clearly defined what is beneficial with what I am using.

Applying this to Coaching and PE looks like this:

Substitution: Rules sheets and units are created on Google docs that are shared to each student's Google Accounts instead of printing and handing them the paper. The team playbook has been scanned and can be emailed out as an attachment.

Augmentation: Students and athletes now take assessments online and can utilize links and videos to access additional information to assist with their learning.

Modification: Video taken of students skills and strategies is uploaded,  annotated by the coach for feedback and shared to students for their review. The video shows freeze frames of key points that assist students with their analysis of skill.

Redefinition: Students are taking video of themselves and downloading video of professional athletes for side by side video narrated analysis with annotations.

Obviously, the areas we should focus our attention on the most are areas of Modification and Redefinition because they are transforming to the learning process. We can still utilize Subsitution and Augmentation but we must realize all that they are capable of and not find ourselves merely substituting one method for another. It is important that we can show the transformative effects of our instruction because it will bring valitity to our efforts.

Using Video Star App in Physical Education

A short while back I had students create their dance with 4-8 different 8 count dance moves. After recording it on Video Star we watched it at the end of class! To fit everyone in, I had to record it in fast mode which is why each group is in fast motion. I also used many of their free effects to make each group look a little different. Using Video Star was transformative because it allowed us to create a music video with every group in the class participating at their own creative level. 


Fan video of "Sandstorm" by Darude.
Created using Video Star:

Urban Meyer and The Ohio State Buckeyes use Flipped Learning Model

In case you wondered if there was validity to the flipped coaching model – especially in the "big time" programs where competition reigns supreme – here it is straight from the Wall Street Journal. Coach Urban Meyer and his staff explain the benefits to using technology to flip the classroom and better their teams learning process.

Another blogger and coach who has given much attention to the flipped classroom model of coaching is Keith Grabowski. This article is a summary of his discussion with Kirk Barton, one of Ohio State's graduate assistant coaches.


McHenry PE Workshop Links

Links to software listed in presentation.

Coach’s Eye – Google, Apple, Microsoft Store,
Explain Everything – Apple Store – iPad, Google Store

Google Chrome Screencasting with Snagit App

Whether you are new or experienced with screencasting you will enjoy the ease of capturing your screen and your own narration over a presentation with the new Snagitt App for Google Chrome. What I really like about this kind of screencapture is that it works great for presentations that I just want to get some information out and I don't care that much editing it. For example, I wanted to share the rules of a game in class that we were going to start playing the following day. In about 5 minutes I created this screencast and then saved it to YouTube. I then shared the link with all my students through a remind101 text with the directions that they needed to watch it for the following day. I love that you can also save the video to your Google Drive.

Coaches, this is a great way to flip your film reviews or scouting reports and save more valuable practice time. Just make sure they watch it by requiring them to text you back what they learned or maybe include a hidden password you put into the video that they need to text back to you as well. When you ask questions about what they learned they all should know or they all may need some gassers for reminders! 

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Here is the video I created for my PE class.

Here is how you can get Google Chrome Screencasting with Snagit.

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iBooks and iBook Author

The past week I have had the chance to take a closer look into iBooks and specifically the iBook Author program. If you have not seen what an iBook is capable of yet, you will be impressed. First of all, you can only view them on an iPad, but with the popularity of iPads now that is not too terrible unless you just sunk your money into some other kind of reader. They cannot be read on iPhones either which I think would be a nice thing in the future to develop. My introduction to the iBook came by reading this book: 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays If you are a football coach, this is much more then just 101+ plays, it is a multiple and offensive system that is well worth your time and money. At least download the sample of the book and decide if it is something you might benefit from. 

Now, here is where the book is amazingly better then one you just read and look at diagrams. The iBook format allows the author to input figures or "widgets" into the pages of the book. For example, one widget is a slide show. So instead of a single picture, the author can add a whole gallery. Another widget allows the author to put in a powerpoint or keynote presentation. Yet another widget allows for a video to be embedded! This opens up the reader to being able to visualize in multiple formats what the author is conveying. 

The coolest thing about this I think is that anyone with a Mac can create their own book! You can also share it for free or even sell it on the iBooks store! Coaches wanting to share some of their knowledge and make a profit, this is a perfect opportunity! The professional templates and options of the widgets allow you to use playbook diagrams, pictures and videos to demonstrate your points. Another cool think I have found is that as your information progresses, you can update the book and then resubmit it as a new version. When I buy a book I would much rather have the opportunity to get updates for free for life rather then be stuck with an older version.

Teachers, if you happen to have the luxury of students with iPads, this is a great opportunity to teach in a creative format. If you are flipping your class, you can include so much more then just a video. It also has a widget for setting up a quiz to check for understanding. 

I am currently working on a book now that I will be excited to share with coaches and teachers later. Now back to work!


Flipping your Practice – High School Football

This year I have worked to try a few new ideas in the flipped classroom movement as they relate to coaching football. I will attemp to keep this blog updated with these ideas to help others learn from my experiences. I am a Special Teams Coordinator (Kickoff, Kickoff Return, Punt, etc.) and I have been very excited to see how this can help me and more importantly the athletes. My first goal was to create a playbook of the plays and formations for each special team and post it early enough that the players can watch it. I used Camtasia for PC to record my screencast and narrations of each play in a .wav movie file. I am planning on creating a video that demonstrates this process in more detail.  Camtasia is simple to use and offers a wide variety of formats to export or share the presentations. We also have the HUDL video editing system that uploads all our videos online. I uploaded the videos using the HUDL Mercury program for PC's.  After creating the video and uploading it I shared it and all the players got a notification that the video was ready. In our installation meetings, I do not re-present the material again since they saw the presentation already. Instead, I challenge their knowledge with a Q&A period where I may have them describe or even draw up the play. We can also watch sample video and evaluate it together. After everything is installed, I take the video of us practicing the plays and create a screencast video review where I run through a few plays and pick out key points that need improving for the team. In the video I put my directions for their review and my cell # for the players to text me one thing that they need to work on to improve for the next practice. Make sure you have an unlimited texting plan! As I received the text messages I was able to not only see who did the work, but also check their understanding and if they did not communicate back with me properly, I could easily text them back the correction I was looking for. So far I have been amazed at both their participation level and the responses I have gotten are all positive. I truly believe that my players are further along then they ever have been before!



Flipping Your Coaching Review Session


We have all been a part of film review sessions where our athletes sit there and listen to us talk and try to stay awake. What would happen if these sessions were created and viewed virtually instead? What would you as a coach do with the extra meeting time if the film review was already done? Some ideas that come to mind for me are walkthroughs, extra practice time, athlete led presentations or sharing of points of emphasis for growth? Or could it be even more individualized in a pre-practice setting where the expectation is for athletes to work a single point of emphasis for improvement on their own. I love giving my athletes the opportunity to create or plan something on their own because it builds great ownership in their performance, but finding time is rare. How about a fun team-building activity? Regardless of what you choose to use the time for, you have now created more breathing room in the practice schedule. Implementing this will take a culture change. Athletes will have to be taught and reinforced to watch a review session on their own time, but if one is successful, I firmly believe it would be worth it. Heres a sample and creating this is not difficult to do especially since you are reviewing film as a coach anyway. 



Football Punt Team Installation Video

Hello Coaches! 

Here's another installation video I created last year. Unfortunately when I made it I didn't have any video examples or they would be included. As a flipped video for a special teams installation though, it still works! I have saved all my projects to a portable hard drive so when I need to update a video I can go back and add or remove or adjust what was in the original video. I will have to do that with this one. One of the benefits of making these instruction videos even if it takes a bit of time is when they are done the next years you've saved yourself that time.