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Do You Want To Get Followers, Subscribers, or even Webinar Registrations at $.21 or less?
For almost two years I have tested and tried all sorts of different strategies with Facebook Ads.

Almost everything failed and too many times I had to stop myself from going broke without getting results.

It seemed like something so complex I just couldn't figure it out.

Fortunately, after finally figuring out the magic of the Pixel, (sounds like a magic fairy right?) I got everything right and created ads that consistently get conversions as low as $0.13 per conversion.

That might sound impossible, but if you get everything set up right, it's not as hard as you think.

Let's do some math now...

If you get 100 Conversions for $13...

At at a very typical 3% sale from your conversions (not counting any future products you might sell either)...

You are looking at an expense of just $4.33 per sale of your awesome product! (That's not even counting any future products you might sell them also!)

Take your $100 or whatever cost of awesome product, subtract $4.33 and you can pocket the rest!

And you can scale up from there...

Most internet coaches would take all this knowledge and build it into a $2,000 course and tell you it was really worth $10,000! That's what's so frustrating about trying to start a business with very little money or time to waste!

Plus, when you try to start up online, you still have to pay for all the tools you need...and trust me, you can't take shortcuts there! So Why not save your hard earned $$$ paying for a course that may not help you that much anyway, and get exactly what you need here.

This totally free online course teaches whoever wants to know how to create extremely low cost conversions from a simple sales funnel that gives exact numbers of conversions and how much each new lead costs.

Here's what's included:

Lesson #1: How to set up your Facebook ad targeting for maximum conversions.
Lesson #2: Basics of using the Facebook Pixel and Ad Manager.
Lesson #3: Creating an amazing Facebook ad that converts.
Lesson #4: How to use funnels to grow your business exponentially.

Bonus Download: Get the exact funnels that are proven to work. 

What else can you do with this knowledge?

Build an email list to sell future products or offer affiliate bonuses!

Target every person who visits your website!

And so much more...

If you are interested in learning, sign up for the course below and get instant access free.

Also as a early joiner, you can ask me any question that comes up and I'll help you out as much as I can for FREE!

You will never be asked to pay anything for this course...EVER!

So enjoy. It's the resource I wish I had available to me when I started a few years ago.
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